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“I can’t thank Nancy enough! I’d been suffering from severe lower back pain for two months, often unable to sit on any chair or seat for more than five or ten minutes at a time. Physical therapy had given me only limited relief and my GP was even suggesting I might want to consider a cortisone shot, something I wanted to avoid. I went to Nancy to find out if acupuncture could help. After a few weeks of acupuncture treatment, my back was much improved and now it’s like the problem never existed.”

– Richard Y.

"I recently had treatment from Nancy for back and neck injury due to a car accident. I highly recommend Nancy's care. Acupuncture was not what I thought it was going to be--it was better. It is very relaxing and after 2 months of treatments I was pain free."

- C. A. E.

"I suffer from a broken coccyx, I fell down cement stairs when I was a teenager. Over the past 20 years my lower back, hips, legs have absorbed and endured all the pain, tension, and muscle cramps. After just a few visits with Nancy, I could tell a huge difference in the flexibility and looseness with these areas.
Nancy also does cupping, and I’m a big fan of it! I work in an office setting, hunched over a computer all day.  It really eases the tension built up between my shoulder and down through the middle of my back."

- Angela H.

"I came to see Nancy for chronic pain. My symptoms have lessened significantly. I found Nancy to be an incredibly effective, caring, and thorough acupuncturist.
I feel that Nancy looks at the whole health picture, considering what I tell her and what she observes. Her treatments have been effective for me relieving symptoms I have had for years."

- P. Nelson

"I have been working with Nancy for over 5 years. Her attention to her patients is so refreshing.  Because Nancy listens to you she actually then addresses your issues.  Going to acupuncture regularly has helped keep my body healthy and balanced."

- Milo M.

"Last year, my asthma got so bad that while taking "the maximum amount of medicine that Western Medicine could provide" according to my MD, I still could not take a deep breath or laugh without a coughing jag starting. My spouse suggested Acupuncture. I hate needles, and was skeptical that being poked with needles could do anything to my insides, let alone help me breathe better. Mainly to humor my spouse (and partly because I was getting desperate to breathe) I acquiesced to acupuncture.

Nancy was gentle and kind about both my fear and my skepticism. I didn't feel the needles at all. At ALL. And within five minutes of laying on the table, I could breathe freely for the first time in months, without pain, without a lung/chest spasm.With tears of relief and gratitude I tried to gush praise upon Nancy. She humbly and matter-of-factly told me that my body knew how to heal itself, that sometimes it just needed to be pointed in the right direction.

When my body needs to find its way, I go see Nancy to get back on track. :)"

- Jennifer M.

Nancy K Ishii
at Grace Unfolding
10032 15th Ave SW
Seattle, WA  98146

phone 206.890.0758
fax 206.701.6537



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